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Porygon is a Pokemon that was originally designed in order to test whether or not a generator powered solely by magnetic force would work. The generator would work, but only if it was used in such a way so that it was controlled and kept under care. At this realization, the idea appeared that a non-organic being could be made using this as the energy source, but only if it had the capability of controlling it costantly, whereas the required components and programs in order to make such an invention were yet to be developed... At this, scientists began to to work on these projects, while simuntaniously, another branch of the company, Silph, began to work on what substance would allow such items to work best. When several elements were found to work, a breakthrough occurred in a seperate branch, whereas a program with technology was finally devoloped, which allowed certain substances to be transferred from the world of reality to the virtual world. With this information, the scientists researched and found out that crystaline would best go through this process, so this substance was chosen to be the outer cover of the new invention. The scientists could now not help but to wonder how much could be put into the soon-to-be-finished project, wheras they vowed to put as much into it as could be in the small amount of space voted on. Ten years later, with the generator successfully made along with the programs, the virtual transporter, internet capability, attack programs, analyzing and processing technology, and a virtual drive, the main components of the project were completed! For one year afterward, the design of the outside was focused on, where they came up with an original design that would best allow the unit to operate without overheating. After all else was completed, a virus protection program was added, along with copy-protection software for all working units except for the original prototype. The name was decided to be Porygon, and they began to mass produce and ship out the new invention, when information on how to create these was slipped from a scientist that was fired to other companies around the globe. Due to this, Porygon began to be found internationally, while some escaped to live freely.
This is the easier-to-read version of the last Deviation. Merry Christmas, and remember Jesus's birth through these times!

I do not own Porygon or Silph Co., which belongs to The Pokemon Company.
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Aburameclanhead Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014  Student Writer
Nice report.

But it would be easier to read if it was split into more than one paragraph.
lildraco Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2009
Much easier to read, and an interesting read nonetheless! :D
Explotaro Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2009   Photographer
Thank you, my fine friend!
lildraco Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2009
You are welcome. :)
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